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Game Informer Magazine

Game Informer (GI) is an American-based monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles. As of June 2012, over 8 million copies are sold each month, making it the third-largest magazine in the United States by circulation. Game Informer debuted in August 1991 when Funcoland started publishing a six-page magazine. It is owned and published by GameStop Corp., the parent company of the video game retailer of the same name, who bought Funcoland in 2000.
Date Published
Game Informer Issue 004 Spring 1992
Topics: game, graphics, super, golf, reviewed, review, games, entertainment, nintendo, snes, video game,...
Game Informer Issue 041 September 1996
Topics: game, star, playstation, sega, saturn, mario, sony, jump, informer, super, game informer, super...
Game Informer Issue 066r October 1998
Topics: game, playstation, madden, crash, games, nintendo, nfl, informer, level, naughty dog, game...
Game Informer Issue 054r October 1997
Topics: game, playstation, games, sony, sega, madden, sports, players, enter, game informer, sony...
Game Informer Issue 001 Fall 1991.cbz
Topics: game, games, funco, supr, hockey, mario, ninja, dragon, graphics, str, video game, nhl hockey, game...
Game Informer Issue 006 September-October 1992
Topics: game, felix, graphics, video, entertainment, reviewed, sega, review, cart, oriolo, video game,...
Game Informer Issue 008 January-February 1993
Game Informer Issue 053 September 1997
Game Informer Issue 002 November-December 1991
Game Informer Issue 005 Summer 1992
Game Informer Issue 003 January-February 1992